Apparently Wayland Games has announced that the Stormraven will be usable by all marine chapters. that seems to be quite a leap of faith in my book for a company to announce it, but I figured I would give everyone the the clip, and let you decide for yourselves.

Please take this with a serious grain of salt. Bramgaunt has recently given us just the opposite, and you can read that here.Sneak Peak in February's White Dwarf. I really do not know which way this is going, however I would put more weight into spacemarines chapters not getting the stormraven over getting it atm. Here is Wayland Games version of what is happening.

Storm Ravens for Everybody!

We've heard mysterious whispers that the Storm Raven will be made available for EVERY Space Marine Chapter in a future White Dwarf article. Just imagine how good a Storm Raven would look in your Chapter colours? Pre-Order The Storm Raven


  1. Most likely Wayland are just taking advantage of rumour to boost their sales. As uninformative a publication WHite Dwarf is, I'd still listen to GW's say first! :)

  2. Well at my local GW they are "encouraging" people who are not BA players to buy the storm raven saying that it will be allowed in all gw stores in the area we have 17 stores within a 30 minute drive.

  3. Sales ploy at the moment for the most part. Of course, it IS available for ANY army in Apocalypse. Just like anything else!

    Again, I do expect it to be generally available for marines in the next codex. Remember "BT only" Land Raider Crusaders?

  4. That sounds like a straight up sales pitch to me, if they are right good on them for bringing it up if not, that is a terrible busieness model from the consumer perspective. I dont play blood angels/gray knights, will I be getting two storm ravens, hell yes I will, despite what some indaviduals are saying the model dose have a certain cool factor (maybe because its covered in guns and dreadnoughts) that will just lure people into buyng it reguardless of weather or not they play one of the announced armies, not to mention apocalypse players.

    Bay Hammer

  5. My take on it is that they will release a Standard Marine Transport that will look like the Stormraven but be called something different.

    It will be outfitted with lascannons and heavy bolters instead of the hurricane bolters and flamers. Just like other SM chapters can't use a Baal Predator, so other chapters can use a "Stormraven." Expect another model kit released this summer that is "Standard" marine issue.

  6. Well the latest White Dwarf doesn't say its Blood Angels only. But at the same time despite listing the rules it doesn't say what slot it takes up. Lists everything else, Stormraven only rules, what generic rules apply to it, and points cost of the unit + upgrades.

    It's like they missed a bit out :p


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