I am finally feeling pretty good about where I am at on my raider conversions. They are 3rd edition raiders cut up pretty bad and put together with spikey things, like fish hooks and metal barbs. So there will have to be a Do Not Touch policy during games. The model shown is one I just opened up out of the box, brand new from 1999. I have 3 more now under the knife and are coming along well.

What I plan on adding still are a few of the upgrades and some model razorwire I have ordered. Other than that we are looking at what I plan on using for my raiders. I think I am enjoying their new look, falling somewhere between 3rd edition and 5th edition with all old parts. Some flayed corpses and unfortunates might also end up on some of the meat hooks.

Now the question really comes down to paint. I have not gotten that far yet, but since I use Asdrubael Vect quite a bit, black and gold seem to be the outstanding colours.

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