So it is very possible that the flier rules we will be getting soon (this summer), could just lead to 6th edition rules including fliers. While I know that 6th edition is a ways off, it is still exciting to think of bombing runs, strafing runs, dog fights etc. Perhaps this summers releases on the flier front a prelude to what is coming down the road. How would this change our game? Does anyone have experience with Apoc flier rules? I haven't gotten in an apoc game for about a year.

Back in 3rd edition when the vehicle design rules came out, I had made a couple of fliers for my dark eldar. I got to use them quite a bit, but they were only able to be used when both players agreed to their use. For me, that kind of defeats the purpose of the standard game, which means they did not get used that often. Getting to use them in every day games would add a new dimension to the game. This summer we just may get to see a rule set that could find it's way into next edition.

Here are some pics of some of what we might be expecting to see this summer. These were taken off a thread on Heresy Online. These are not exactly what we are going to see, just examples.


  1. All im hoping for is a plastic Thunderbolt! I love that model SOO much!

  2. I have a lot of experience with fliers in Apoc, having 2 nightwings and 1 phoenix in my eldar, and 2 remoras in my Tau

    Important things are you subtract 12" from your range when aiming at them, always need a 6 to shoot at them (unless its an AA weapon), they always hit the side (top) armour of a tank they shoot at, have to move a minium of 36" in the movement phase (eldar can move 18") and they always count as moving flat out, so get a 4+ cover save.

    Personally I think they should stay in the Apoc world. They're too overpowering in a standard game, even at high points. But just cos GW is releasing them doens't mean its for introduction into standard rules. Look at the superheavies...plastic baneblades and stompas aren't in standard games yet. Why should fliers?

    Both sets of rules (superheavies/gargantuan creatures/fliers) existed in the Apoc rule book, which was before the 5th edition rule book

  3. It is possible that the rules for fliers are a good test run to see if they are going to be included into 6th edition. If they put out flier rules as an optional ruleset like planetstrike or cities of death, It would be a fun supplement for summer.

    I agree with the current apoc rules being too powerful for the 40k tabletop. We will see what GW is going to be putting out rules wise.


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