Every once in a while, you read something and then re-read and discover something you hadn't seen before. With the Dark Eldar I have been making discoveries like this for my own personal list, and as of this morning discovered yet another one.

While discoveries do not really change my army lists, sometimes they fall right into sync with what I was trying to achieve with a unit in the first place.

Haywire Blasters. Their stat line goes something like this. S4 AP4 24" assault 1. Overall a decent weapon for scourges, as it an assault weapon that gives their 12" movement a great threat range. Combine their effects with the fact that they act as haywire grenades when they hit. Meaning that if you hit the vehicle, roll a D6. One a 1, it does nothing. 2-5 the vehicle takes a glancing hit, on a 6 it takes a penetrating hit. We all know this, and this how I was first reading it.

Upon closer reading I my tiny brain finally enveloped the full effect of this weapon. First off it reads like this.

Haywire Blaster Range 24" S4 Ap4 Assault 1. If a haywire blaster hits a vehicle, resolve its effects as normal. Then roll a further D6. On a 1, nothing happens. On a 2-5, the vehicle takes a glancing hit. On a 6, it takes a penetrating hit.

So when fired at a vehicle, resolve its effects as normal. Meaning roll S4 against the armour value of the vehicle. Once you do that, roll another dice and apply the haywire effects. Essentially if you are facing the rear armour of a vehicle or the side armour of a chimera, you have a chance to glance the vehicle from the normal effects of a S4 weapon. Then you roll again and apply the effects of the haywire. Meaning that it is possible to get two damage rolls against a vehicle with a single shot. A glancing hit with a S4 + a roll of a 6 on the armour penetration roll, and then one with the haywire effect on a 2+.  Not likely but possible.

I'm sure most of you already knew this, however, sometimes I am a little slow.

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