It has been a little bit since we really heard anything new about Grey Knights. We know they are coming around tax time, so that is where our refund money is going to go. I am hoping that we will start getting some images and more solid information for Grey Knights, but a little of something is better than nothing.

This little tidbit comes from Blood of Kittens. It was such a small and rather bland rumor that I did not post it this morning, but here it is. Take all rumors with a grain or two of salt.

The Grey Knights are getting a new unit or they are getting an upgrade that causes an automatic hit to any enemy model in base-to-base with them. This hit wounds on a 4+ regardless of enemies toughness with normal saves allowed and occurs before ALL attacks (think old mandiblasters), but still adds to combat resolution at the end of combat.

This I could really care less about. It would hurt my dark eldar though, as we rely upon that almight I5.

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