Someone has the book and is sharing some information including some intel that Pirhana leaked pic I saw earlier had something wrong.. included below. I went through the comments and got most of what was being shared as well, so there is quite a bit here.

Update: leak video is at the end of the article.

Of course this all comes out shortly when you will have book in hand.

via Codexcat on Reddit
Stormsurge costs 330 pts. Blast cannon is the more expensive weapon. Driver cannon is Hvy 3d3, S10, AP-4, dmg 3, Blast. Cluster Rockets retain Blast ability. Built-in 4++.

Plasma rifle is Assault 1, S8, AP-4, Dmg 3.

Piranha assembly picture is incorrect. The burst cannon is AP 0 base. The fusion blaster is a heavier, vehicle-mounted specifically for the piranha. Crisis version remains d6 damage. Both types of FB get the new Melta treatment: +2 dmg at half range.

Dal'yth is the only Sept that buffs Aux units. No build-a-sept traits modify them.

Enforcer Commanders have DR -1 innately.

Nova Reactor no longer has a risk of damaging the model. Instead, it burns out for the rest of the battle if you fail the test. Branched Nova Reactor turns a failed test into a success.

There is a stratagem that allows a unit to hop out of a devilfish after the devilfish moves.

A Bork'an sept trait is "Ranged Attacks of S7 or less made against VEHICLES and BATTLESUITS are -1 strength" Like Ramshackle, but worse. Sleep in fear, Ork players.

Hammerhead Railgun is the only weapon that ignores Invuls innately.

Warlord Traits!
Precision of the Hunter - Character gets full Hit and Wound rerolls. This is excellent.

Through Unity, Devastation (Aura) - Friendly <Sept> Core units within 6" get +1 AP on unmodified Wound Rolls of 6

A Ghost Walks Among Us - -1 to Hit the Warlord, Don't roll Advance increase Mv 6"

Through Boldness, Victory - Command Phase, select <sept> Core unit within 9" Until you next command phase, Core models in that unit making ranged attacks automatically wound on unmodified hit rolls of 6

Exemplar of Kauyon - If you chose Kauyon, redeploy 3 <sept> units after determining who has the first turn. Otherwise, choose 1 <sept> unit

Exemplar of Montka - Command Phase, choose a <sept> Core unit within 9" of this Warlord. Until the start of your next Command phase, Core models in this unit making ranged attacks that target enemy units within 9" (12" if you chose Montka) can reroll the wound roll.

Kroot Traits:
Master of the Hunt (Aura) - Kroot units within 6" ignore cover with ranged attacks against enemies within 12"

Pack Leader (Aura) - Kroot units within 6" roll an extra d6 and discard one when charging

Nomadic Hunter (Aura) - Kroot units within 6" of the warlord count as Remaining Stationary for ranged attacks, unless they Fell Back

Sept Traits:
Tau - 5+++

Vior'la - Academy Luminary - While on the battlefield, each time you spend a CP to use a Tau Empire Strategic Ploy or Wargear Stratagem, roll a d6. On a 3+, your CP is refunded.

Sa'cea - Strategic Conquerer - In your command phase, select a sa'cea unit within 9". Until the start of your next command phase, that unit has Objective Secured. If it already has that ability, COUNTS AS DOUBLE MODELS

Dal'yth - Unifying Influence - two auras, Diplomatic Excellence is +1 Ld to Dal'yth and Aux units. Integrated Command Structure is Aux units within 6" can use Markerlights

Bork'an - Seeker of Perfection - Each time the warlord makes a ranged attack, +1 AP, unmodified wound roll of 6 is addition MW (max 3 per phase)

FSE - Master of the Killing Blow - On ALL attacks, unmodified wound of 6 is +3 AP, wounds cause by this model's attacks cannot be ignored by FnP type rules

(Saw this also posted and it is written out, so included here for additional detail)
Tau - reroll 1 hit or 1 wound when a unit attacks, +3" to Auras, Litanies, Targeted buffs

Vior'la - +2" mv when wholly in your deployment zone on your first turn. Reroll Advance and Charge rolls.

Sa'cea - Ranged Attacks targeting VEHICLES get Dense Cover if attacker is more than 18" away. Ranged Attacks targeting INFANTRY (and everything smaller than a Ghostkeel is INFANTRY) get Dense Cover if attacker is more than 12" away. VEHICLES and BATTLESUITS do not suffer the penalty to firing Heavy weapons at targets within Engagement Range of them.

Dal'yth - Ranged Attacks against Infantry have Light Cover unless they are within Engagement Range of the Attacker (so... fear the Dark Angels, I guess?). Aux units get your selected Montka or Kauyon.

Bork'an - +4" range to all guns. Ranged Attacks against Battlesuits and Vehicles of S7 or lower get -1S. It's like Ramshackle but worse in almost every way.

Farsight Enclaves - Always have Markerlight if making attacks within 12" Seems to be the only time to get marker benefits in the charge phase. Reroll 1 Wound when a unit is chosen to shoot or fight.

Tau Secondaries:
Shadow Operations - Aerospace targeting relays

Place a marker halfway along each battlefield edge.

Units in your army can perform the following action

Install Targeting Relay (Action): Infantry, start at end of movement phase, be within 6" of a different Aerospace Designation Marker.

Complete at beginning of your next command phase or end of battle, whichever comes first. If successful, relay is Installed. Points awarded for number of relays installed

1 - 2 VP, 2 - 6 VP, 3 - 9 VP, 4 - 15 VP

Battlefield Supremacy - Decisive Action

If Montka, +4 VP for Hold Half or More objectives at the end of your turn in Battle Round 1, 2, or 3. Nothing for 4 or 5.

If Kauyon, +4 VP for Hold Half or More objectives at the end of your turn in Battle Round 3, 4, or 5. Nothing for 1 or 2.

No Mercy, No Respite - A Clean Victory

If Montka, At the end of Battle Rounds 1, 2, & 3, you can score each of the following:

+1 VP if an enemy unit was destroyed this round. +3 VP if 3 or more enemy units were destroyed this round

If Kauyon, same as above, but for Battle Round 3, 4, & 5.

No vehicle systems. Closest you get is buying seeker missiles, I guess.

Crisis systems are as follows:

Counterfire Defense System - Get the keyword to use the strat. Mercifully, does not cost points

EWO - 5+ Overwatch for this model. The Overwatch Stratagem costs 1 less CP when used for this unit. Also free. Probably need to have at least one of these per Crisis team.

Iridium - 2+ save, 1 per 3 models, 10 points, does not take up a support slot!

Multi-tracker - 6s to hit score an additional hit for ranged attacks targeting units containing 6 or more models. Free as a bird.

Shield Generator - 4++, 5pts for Crisis, 10 pts for Commanders, built in to Stormsurges and Riptides! Ghostkeel cannot have.

Target Lock - This model Ignores Light Cover

Velocity Tracker - Ranged attacks gain +1 to hit when targeting units with the Fly keyword

Riptides are Heavy Support now.

They have a 4++. The Reactor gives choice of 5+++, 2d6 move in the charge phase (but no charging afterward), or extra shots with main gun. (4 for Heavy Burst, 2 for IA)

RR1 support for non-Core is gone from the codex, so the Ion feels REAL dicey, as they still give 1 MW per 1 rolled, rather than a single MW IF a 1 is rolled at all.

Same goes for Ghostkeels (I got a tingling down my spine and didn't overcharge. 4 1's on that hit roll. Felt pretty smug) Ion Hammerheads, CIBs, Razorsharks... Sunsharks have Ion Rifles, which cap at 1 MW per weapon.

Their damage degradation is subtly worse than models with the same stats. A Hammerhead hits bottom profile at 3 wounds remaining, while a Riptide hits at 4. Both have T7 and W14.

Everything but the Ghostkeel degrades ALL the way to BS 6+ now. I don't know why the Keel does, but I'm wagering on GW forgetting to update it.

Kroot are stretching the limits of what you can give a model that costs 6 points. Hounds could be alright? Vespid are 12 ppm
Kroot all get a pre-game 7" move and an additional +1 if they're getting Light Cover. They're S4, A2 WS3+, AP-1. There's a relic for Shapers to give them +1 S & A (It's a once-per game aura, like an SM banner)

vespid are WS 4, BS 4, S4, T4, W1, A1, Ld8, 4+ sv

Neutron Blasters are 18" Assault 2, S5, AP-3, D2

taking one Kroot Squad allows for a Shaper, Hounds, and Krootox squad to be taken without using Force Org slots!

Seeker Missile: 72", Heavy 1, S9, AP -3, Dmg 2d3, one shot per seeker.

Sky rays, before you ask, have a Seeker Missile Rack - 72", Heavy d3+1, S9, AP-3, 2d3 dmg

There is a Strat that allows you to shoot at things out of LoS with seekers if they have a markerlight token (and you get +1 to Wound for the attack)

from Comments
how to use Markerlights: How is the firing sequence for markerlights worded exactly? Are special weapons on pathfinder squads 100% useless now?

You use an action. It starts at the beginning of the movement phase and ends at the beginning of the shooting phase.
(man, there's a lot of words in this action)
Fire Markerlights (Action): One or more Markerlight units from your army can start to perform this action at the start of your movement phase. Aircraft Markerlight units can perform this action. The action is completed at the start of your next shooting phase. If this action is successfully completed, for each model in that unit that is equipped with one or more markerlights, for each markerlight that model is equipped with, select one enemy unit within 36" of that model that would be an eligible target for that model if its unit had been selected to shoot, and roll one D6: on a 3+, that enemy unit gains one Markerlight token.

While a VEHICLE or DRONE unit is performing the Fire Markerlights action, that unit can move without that action failing. If it does, until the end of the turn, models in that unit without the VEHICLE or DRONE keyword that are equipped with any markerlights are treated as not being equipped with any markerlights for the purpose of the Fire Markerlights action.

How do Shadowsun and Farsight affect Kauyon and Mont'ka?
And may I ask about Farsight Enclave rules? "Sept" trait and whether they're still barred from taking Auxiliaries?

I think FS can take Aux units. It's written strangely in comparison to the Tau Empire detachment rules directly above it. They can't take Ethereals and Ethereals are very carefully restricted from buffing them.
They still have the count as 1 ML when within 12" trait. They also get to reroll a single wound roll when a unit attacks.
Shadowsun and Farsight don't affect them. They have the exemplar warlord traits, which get better if you chose that Philosophy.
there are no stratagems that modify Montka or Kauyon (which I thought would have been a gimme for the rules team) by advancing or rolling back the turn number for a specific unit or giving the OTHER one to a unit for a single phase or something.

Do they have a buff bubble like the other Commanders?

Farsight gives the same buff as a standard XV8 Crisis Commander: Tactical Acumen
Choose a Crisis team in the Command Phase within 6", they can Shoot and Charge after falling back. They Ignore and or all ranged Hit modifiers
He also can choose a Farsight Enclaves Core unit at the beginning of the Fight phase and give them +1 to Hit in Melee for the phase.
Shadowsun has Full Reroll Chapter Master Buff, does not break Sept Traits if she doesn't match the army, and is a Supreme Commander.
BOTH have RR1s to Hit for Core aura.

I'll ask the question no one else will ask: what's up with Sniper Drones this edition?

3 attached to a Firesight Marksman. He buffs them in the Command Phase. You could use a stratagem to split them off into their own unit, if you like, but he has to be within 6" to give them BS3+ and MWs on 6 to Wound

The wording of the markerlight rule is something like "a valid shooting target" so a normal markerlight lad can't ignore Look Out Sir I reckon, however, the Firesight Marksman may or may not be able to ignore Look Out Sir - it seems reasonable to me that he would be able to as part of the sniper drone squad.
I think it's plausible the firesight marksman could pop a markerlight on a character, and the drones can then pop shots at 2+, but we will have to wait and see I guess.

How's the Broadside heavy railgun looking?

Heavy 2 S9, AP -4, d3+3 damage, 1 auto MW on successful wound.

2 CP - choose a single gun, this gun ignores invulnerable saves for this shooting attack.

Oh, and the Prototype plasma rifle. It's a plasma rifle with AP -5 (for reasons...) that ignores Invuls. +20 pts on top of the PR cost (5/10/15)

I believe this is the image being referred to.

via Command Centre Wargaming

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