These are being circulated making several rounds on various forums but were originally posted up on Bolter and Chainsword. They are here and collated to make it easier to find and read.

Thank you readers who pointed let me know this was being done, as I had not seen it yet.

via Clockworkchris on Bolter and Chainsword

"Ok so here is a bunch of info I managed to come by from secure sources:

  CSM Doctrine:

  • Exact same thing as SM, except replace +1AP with exploding 6s (unmodified hits)


  • Vengeance: +1 Combat Attrition

  • Wrath: +1AP melee

  • Flame: +1AP shooting

  • Excess: +1 to hit in melee

  • Despair: 6s to hit automatically wound


All legions are getting 6 warlord traits, 8 relics, and 8 stratagems


Legion traits: (Supposedly apply to all units)


  • -2LD & -1CA @ 9''

  • +1 to advance & +1 to charge

  • +1 to wound when using a pistol/assault/melee against a unit that is below half strength or below LD 6


Iron Warriors:

  • Ignores cover

  • Reduce AP1/2 by 1

  • +1 to wound using heavy/grenade against vehicles/buildings/units in cover

  Word Bearers:

  • Charges/Heroic Intervention = reroll hits

  • 5+++ vs MW

  • When using a pistol/assault/melee, 6s to wound cause 1MW (capped @ 3MW per unit)


Black Legion:

  • Ignore Combat Attrition

  • +1  to hit after charging or shooting closest unit

  • Rapid fire/assault/pistol cause exploding 5s to hit


Emperor's Children (4chain leak, not from my sources)

  • in the book

  • have a way of consistently hitting on 2s (even with thunder hammers)

World Eaters

  • Not in the codex

  Datasheet info:


  • 3w

  • can use Thunder Hammer


  • no longer in the book

  Warp Talons

  • 2w

  • lost cancel overwatch

  • gained no fallback

  • 5a (these are total with claws)


  • still have the -1LD aura

  • +2a


  • can shoot units that are in engagement range with them (like wraithguard)

  • in melee they have powerfists without the -1 to hit

  • 3 different shooting profiles


  • exactly the same as right now but 2w


  • something to ignore invuls (4chan leak, so take with a grain of salt, leak said EC chosen could destory custodes hitting with TH on a 2+ and with strat ignore invul saves)

  • NL deepstrike strat for jump packs, DS turn 1

  • NL vox scream disables AURAS


  • IW ectoplasma forgefiend can hit on 2+ and does flat 4 damage 

  • New cultist unit HQ

  • New mutant cultists

  • No hateful assault, +1 attack to profile for all "

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