The new book comes up for pre-orders this weekend and we are already starting to hear some of the details!!

via 4chan (sent in by a reader)
Confirmed source at the usual places has their hands on the book and is posting new info, translated from German

new Lore of Change, all powers force successful dtw rolls be rerolled

Primaris: +2 to invulns, passed saves reflect s3 ap3 blind hits back
1: reroll all to hit rolls for one unit for one turn
2: pick the result of one dice in your turn
3: a unit's weapons gain Force
4: 3d6" S: d6 AP: d6 Assault d6 Witchfire
5: you an opponent roll off and add the number of WC you want to spend, loser takes the difference in totals in Perils rolls
6 - 12" S: D AP- line, starts at -2 on the D table but you can spend extra warp charges to offset this

Magnus gets the Rubric too, 12" Nova that works like Mind War and transforms things it kills into new 1kSons/Spawn
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