Pre-Order dates for Traitors Legions and Imperial Agents are revealed alongside a few bits of intel about the upcoming releases.

As always, take with a grain of salt, although these are from good sources. That Traitors Legions book is looking better and better.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
WoM is hardcase like End Times books were and has 2 books. One is the fluff and other is rules. All that info is correct (from previous rumors) but it’s laid out in two parts, CSM TSons and Tz demons to add to/overwrite current CSM or Demons codex to play a TSons list.

The 9 traitor legions, yeah, mostly formations, data scrolls, relics, way more psyker powers and chapter tactics like SMs so this is a HUGE boost.

Dec 3rd preorder for legions, 10th for Imperials.

PS: the rubric marines box is stunning
1) its comes with an amazingly diverse transfer sheet and
2) 10 infernal boltgun and 5 warpflamers. Soul reaper cannon.
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