There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming Deathwing Knights. While we really do not yet have the rules sitting in front of us yet, we do have some information gained from the White Dwarf battle report. These Knights look nasty.

via Faeit 212 earlier post (info from Lars Emil). Check Here

Deathwing Knights: Terminators with WS5, Storm Shields, power mauls and special rules, incl. Hammer of
Wrath and "Smite" which makes them strike at S10 AP2 for one round. BTW both DW terminators and the knights can be fielded in units of 10 now! Oh and the DW can take plasma cannon and they have USR "split fire"!!!!

These guys are going to be tough. If this initial look at them is true, they will rip apart everything on the charge. With storm shields and terminator armor, getting a Hammer of Wrath attack at S10 AP2 on Inititive 10 seems a little over the top, but I guess it comes down to how the points will reflect them.

Still, even with a single wound, the storm shields seem like the great equalizer with Knights surviving in close combat.

This is definitely one of those units to be looking for as more information comes to us.
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