Last week there were quite a few rumors, and it was a busy week for myself. While 40k is on the top of my thoughts, its going to be another week or so before I can finally get a game in.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

The Good News
I am finally moving. That means just over a full year has gone by since I first put in an offer on this house, but finally its mine. The details and pitfalls of this house were huge, and writing them down would be longer than I have here. It was a short sale, but by no means does that relate to the time frame involved, nor the headaches caused by the sellers bank, their FHA loan issues, possibly the sellers themselves, and the amount of over regulation (buyers are screwed) that is current law that is beyond the most illogical thing you could imagine.

Regardless of the problems, I am not currently moving into the house, and will be there full time as of this coming Thursday. So once moved, I will get settled, and you should see much more articles here again. It will be nice to get settled before Christmas, and finally get some gaming in again. Very excited for that.

The Bad News
Of course there has to come with some bad news as well. While my pneumonia has me at about 90% feeling better, it makes it hard to move things. So while I put in two 14 hour days (friday and sunday), Saturday my kidney stones decided it was time to start moving again. Of course they were supposed to be already passed by now, but they are taking their own time on getting out.

Long story short, I was back getting it checked, have some new meds to help pass this thing, so it will stop randomly deciding to start moving again. When its moving there not a whole lot you can do except hope that you are near some pain meds, and wait it out.

This week there was a lot regarding the tau battlesuit in the works, and personally, I really hope this thing is a  monstrous creature, or gets better walker stats. However, seeing new things on what we might be seeing for a Tau codex are a ton of fun, so I hope we see a lot more this week.

Dark Angels of course, I plan on playing. With my dual Dark Vengeance sets, I ended up with the Dark Angel sides of them, and already started painting them as a Dark Angel successor chapter the Guardians of the Covenant. So I really look forward to getting them out and getting back to work on them.

Imperial Guard
For some reason, I am going to be buying some more artillery pieces. I have been working on lists on some of my down time while sick, and have some fun lists that I really want to get out and hit the table with. This of course means some new models, so I will have to get to work and order them once I get into the new house.

Imperial Guard is just one of those codices that is standing out more and more for me in 6th edition, as a very much stand alone codex. Meaning one that can function completely on its own in this new environment without allies. Not to mention that I have a ton of it.

So yes that means that I tend to find other codices need something to compete in the new rules, but I am sure we can really get into that topic heavily at a later date when I have more time for it.

For Now
While I am moving, do not worry, I will still have my hands on the pulse of the rumor mill. I may be a little bit slower on it than normal, but I will be here and will be working on whatever it is that shows its face this week. Expect Thursday to be a hard day for me to post.
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