Something new today as I received some rumors for the tabletop game Dark Age. While I have not played the game and know only a little of it, I figured they were worth passing on for those of you interested in the game.

Please remember that these are rumors. For those of you like me unfamiliar with the game, here is a link to the games website.

via the Faeit 212 inbox from an anonymous source

Here is some things I can tell you right now about right now.

New faction announcement on 12/21/12
-          Space Mayan’s return (not sure of the name)
-          They are a faction that relies on slaves to cripple their opponent and then uses their hard hitters to clean up the field.

New sub faction in play testing right now is Dragyri Fire Caste. No release date yet.

More Core Models coming over the next 6 month, with the full faction having been released in approximately 6 month.
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