Forgeworld's show on twitch today had several revelations and answers about what is coming down the pipeline. Horus Heresy going away... No. New Book? yes, Book 8 Malevolence.

Need to see the show.... you can see it here.

Bob did an amazing job at putting down a quick overview of what was talked about. Its a great video to watch... above.... so please go see what was said.

via War of Sigmar (this is just part of what was said. There was a bunch of licensed games, as well as more pics for info on Forgeworld's upcoming release. so head over there and get the rest of the article)

Age of Darkness Q&A Tony + Andy Hoare
Question : Is horus Heresy going away ?  
No, they had to remove some models and kits that's all.
There is a small team that works on it.

Question : Going 8th ?
Nope 7th work better for marines vs marines. So they keep HH in 7th.

Question : New book ? 
Yes book 8 Malevolence (it's a CGI render)
Blood angels vs daemon,
Signums system
Chondax system.
Daemons of the Ruinstorm (permanent daemon)
Alpha Legion
Space wolves
(see image at the bottom)

Tease : FW model so big that it didn't fitted in the orange box.

Question : Dark angels ? 
Not tomorow

Question : New cybernetika ? 
Nothing in malevolence but the one after.

Question : Fire of phrytaxis ? 
40k Personnal project of Andy in the 7th and then 8th poped and it got sidelined
They want to finish it but not soon.

Question : Warpsmith model 
At some point

Who is Alpharius ? 
Yes, twelve !

FW skitari kit ? 
No skitari rules for 40k soon

Battlefleet Gothic
Planned but no manpower ATM

Balancing Psychic phase 
Magnus did nothing wrong
In malevolence, other chapters get access to psychic power so thousand sons doesn't stay as the only one playing in this phase.

Faeit 212 Community News

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