I was not on the stream today that had this discussion and it seems there is some discrepancy on what was said. The short of it appears that the Fires of Cyraxis book is going to be delayed.

We had been hearing dates from a March release all the way up to a Q3 launch.
Whether what Ive been reading is accurate enough to call fact is uncertain.. so as for now Im holding all of this as rumored information.

off of Facebook
"FW had a stream today, and some people asked questions about it, they said it’s been pushed back behind book 8, that the person who wrote it wrote it for 7th with no clue about 8th, and has since gotten a new position and doesn’t have the time to redo it, so it’s no longer on anyone’s to do list, which means so far it’s been pushed back behind a few years, book 7, an edition, custodes index for 40k, and book 8. "

via Stray on Bolter and Chainsword

"They're exaggerating a little bit, that isn't what was said. The fires writer was on the stream and did explain that he had written it as a freelancer, then moved jobs and 8th happened, so it needs some rework now that isn't scheduled before HH: Malevolence. They definitely didn't say it was dead or not happening - just that it needed to be worked on and there hasn't been time. 

It's not been cancelled. FB drama can be safely ignored that said, don't expect it soon!"

Also from Stray
I DID ask on stream about Secutarii Titan Guard for my Mechanicus brothers and sisters here though. And I was answered!..
...you won't like the answer sadly :/
I asked: 'Can we get some 40K beta rules for Secutarii? We had them in 7th, but they've never been made available in 8th.' The head of FW, Tony said there's no intention of moving them across to 40k sadly. They want a certain level of separation between the two games, and so no Secutarii plans for 40K at all.

Not the best to hear, but at least we now know.

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