Two new previews for the 2nd Edition Age of Sigmar are here. The first are the Grots from yesterday and the Bonesplitterz this morning. If you are looking for a new army to start up, or just checking in to see how your army will fare with the changes coming.... this is your chance. 

Bonesplitterz Preview

The Bonesplitterz are well placed to take advantage of the new edition, with the most powerful bonuses by far going to their Heroes. As well as being even more durable thanks to Look Out, Sir!, the changes to the hero phase are going to be an enormous help…

Using command abilities on your orruks is going to make for some really deadly combinations. The Wurrgog Prophet’s Prophet of da Waaagh! allows one of your units to pile in and attack again – using multiple Wurrgog Prophets, you could trigger this across several different units several times in a row.

Alternatively, you could pick one particularly deadly unit, then augment them with the Savage Big Boss’ Savage Attack command ability, which allows them to make an additional attack every time they roll a 6 to hit.

Combining this with the Wurrgog Prophet, you’ll be able to transform a horde of Savage Orruks into a deadly wrecking ball on the tabletop, all for the cost of 2 command points.

What about magic? The Maniak Weirdnob and Wurrgog Prophet are both great casters to throw around some endless spells – the only question is which you’ll choose. One big, damage dealer you’ll want to try is the Aethervoid Pendulum…

Unlike other predatory endless spells, the Aethervoid Pendulum moves constantly in a straight line, cleaving across the battlefield – making it less risky to your forces. Should it make contact with a unit, it’ll deal a decent chunk of mortal wounds to them, too.

And, of course, you’ll be able to dedicate your Bonesplitterz army to a Mortal Realm to get access to some powerful artefacts, take advantage of some points drops and much more.

Grot Preview:
There’s loads of fun in store for grots players of all types, with the Moonclan Grots, in particular, benefiting from the new rules around Heroes. Being able to keep your squishier Shamans and Grot Warbosses safe from missile fire is one thing, but stacking up command abilities is another entirely. Here’s one that’s bound to give your opponent a game they remember for a long time…

Start with a massive unit of 20 Squig Hoppers, a Grot Warboss, and a Grot Warboss on Cave Squig.

That’s a good start, but not quite Moonclan enough yet, so we’re going to add some Fanatics to the unit. Two sets of six should do nicely.

Save your command points, then combine them in the same turn to use the Grot Warboss’ I’m da Boss, Now Stab ‘em Good! command ability and the Grot Warboss on Cave Squig’s Even More Boingy command ability (seriously, grot rules have the best names).

With this, your Squig Hoppers will be dealing double damage on 6s to wound and will be re-rolling their movement (Squigs are unreliable beasts, so rather than having a fixed Move characteristic, they bounce 2D6″ every turn). Should anyone try to stop your rampage? See how they deal with 12 Grot Fanatics straight to the face.

What if you’re looking to add something a little bigger to your armies? Several classic allies of the grots have seen some considerable points reductions in the latest General’s Handbook – the Aleguzzler Gargant is now a mere 160 points, while all types of troggoth have seen a cut too.

There are some really nasty combos you’ll be able to pull off by combining grot Wizards with the endless spells. The Moonclan Grot Shaman can use his Madcap Mushroom ability to add 2 to his casting rolls, making it easier to pull off more impressive conjurations like the Purple Sun of Shyish. The Umbral Spellportal is a nifty option, too – you could use yours to project a Curse of Da Bad Moon across the table:

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