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A converted Imperial Knight Legionnaire built from an Atropos base and leftover knight bits. The large shield was a custom 3D print job.

The weapons are magnetised and the knight can be fitted with any combination of: Atropos Lascutter, Graviton Singularity Cannon, Reaper Chainfist, left-hand Thunderstrike Gauntlet and left-hand shield.

This was the first time I tried a large-scale project using airbrush painting. I wanted to avoid the very heavy airbrushed look some painters go, so I kept airbrush work to the red panels, shadows and glow effects.

A dark, moody aesthetic was used overall to contrast the usual bright red of the Mechanicus. The armour is an uneven, worn red and areas of the carapace were weathered or intentionally damaged to complete the look. The metal frame was painted black and gun-metal to darken the model further. I'm especially proud of the HAL9000 style lenses on the head, which were both very easy to do and look ferocious.

The eye lenses were painted as follows: 1. Start with a black/very dark grey base. 2. Mix a very thin paint or use a wash and paint it into the 'eye'. The paint should be allowed to pool at the edges. This creates a tint at the edges of the 'eye' socket. 3. Paint a dot of the strong, primary colour into the centre (red). 4. Paint a smaller, white dot in the centre of the first dot.

The plaque bears the knight's name: Venator and the words, "What wars must there be in creation that require warriors like you"

It now sits on my shelf collecting dust, but it looks damn good doing so.


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