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New Cases by Phobos Foundry.

In the past we have looked at these cases, and Marcin who designed the trays and cases has done an amazing job at taking feedback from readers here and coming up with a new case that utilizes his trays and puts them in a case that is very functional and sleek.

Phobos Foundry

You may remember these trays. They really are quite amazing trays. Ive been using them since the demo version showed up here, I like not only their utility, but their look and how well they hold onto the models.

Here are a couple older videos of myself messing with these trays. You might also remember the boxes as well... well look below, because these have been updated and with new cases!

The Trays I enjoy a lot, as they really hold the models in place. Ive put old and new bases, even custom ones, into this case with great results. They really lock into place well, and do not move! So with these, you can mix and match model sizes on the same tray.

New Cases
Although I have not yet handled one of the new cases, they are everything that readers here were asking for with easy load (both sides) access, and room for several more trays. They are easy to hold onto, and best of all padded with room on the sides for your books!

Here is an example of just what these trays and bags can hold.

Phobos Foundry
Overlord Bag (Shown Above) 69.00€
ShapeShift Trays 25.00€