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Horus Heresy: NOCF Sons of Horus Army Raffle!

OK, the descriptions on the site do not do this army justice. I was reading over on Dave's website, (if you don't know this one..... well you should), and read through the full description of what is in this army and the amount of detail in it. Seriously?, leds in the Kharybdis Assault Claw, not just a few... but 20! This army is themed to be hard hitting loaded up in Drop Pods, and ready to hit any battlefield you take them to. So yes, you can win this entire army through NOCF for as little as a couple tickets.

Please head over and read the details on this raffle, when you get a chance to today. Simply an amazing army to be up for this year's raffles. It was a collection of many acclaimed artists in our hobby that put this masterpiece together.

HORUS HERESY - The NOCF 2017 Sons of Horus army!

Now when you are ready... cause who wouldnt want to own this, you can get in on it here.

The Horus Heresy (AKA Warhammer 30K) has really been gaining a lot of momentum over the last few years, so we decided it was high time we put some of the Artist Consortium on painting up some beautiful (and impactful) Horus Heresy-era armies.

This Sons of Horus army is made from a mix of Forgeworld resin models and GW plastic models. It runs around 2,000 points once tricked out with the various upgrades and wargear items.

The army contains the following (and the artists are listed in parentheses):

• Legion Centurion in Terminator Armour (Ken Webb)

• Justaerin Terminator Squad with Multi Melta (Ken Webb)
• Legion Quad Launcher (Sean Fulton) with Drop Pod (Dave Taylor)

• Legion Tactical Squad with Drop Pod (Dave Taylor)
• Legion Tactical Squad (AJ Taflan) with Drop Pod (Dave Taylor)

Heavy Support
• Leviathan Siege Dreadnought (Brian Moll)
• Dreadnought Drop Pod (Ryan Kimmel)
• Kharybdis Assault Claw (Joe Johnson)

Lord of War
• Horus, The Warmaster, using the Orbital Assault Rite of War (Michelle Blastenbrei)