Some fun things in this new set of pre-orders. There are new Forge Father releases, including a new half track and drop troops, as well as a few new Enforcer releases to check out.

via Mantic

`Ajax` Siege Strider £17.99
Breach and Eradicate Team £9.99
Defender Team £9.99

Hammerfist Drop Team £17.99
Hultr Half-Track £14.99

Plated in reinforced armour and carrying the heavy ‘Aggressor’ shield, the Ajax Siege Strider can withstand an enormous amount of fire as it crosses the battlefield to crack fortifications with its grav-ram spear in the very heart of enemy lines.

Constructed from interlocking plates of ablative armour forged from a composite alloy, the exact nature of which is a closely guarded secret, the Rhode Industries CQD ‘Defender’ shield is a highly specialised piece of close quarter equipment now used exclusively by the Enforcers.

Enforcer Breach and Eradicate teams specialise in the deployment of weaponry designed to crack armoured vehicles and structures and terminate their inhabitants. To this end, they favour Thermal weaponry, including the GX-226 'Anemone' mine and SSW-T Thermal Rifle.

Powerful engines and adaptable treads allow the Hultr Half-Track to react to the flow of battle fluidly, supporting the Forge Father lines with its Hailstorm or Magma Cannon.

Wearing armour reinforced to withstand high-impact atmospheric entry, Hammerfist Drop Teams slam directly into battle from orbit, delivering death to the enemies of the Star Realm at close and personal range.

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