Yesterday on top of the FAQs are a set of questions GW has decided should not be a part of the FAQ, but instead should be there to help with some key concepts of the new edition. There are some interesting ones as well, but overall these should help players take on some overall questions that come up as players are still learning the fine points of the game.

This is worth pulling out and making certain players know its there.

My favorite
Q: What happens if a unit that has become split up
during battle cannot re-establish unit coherency the
next time it moves?
A: In this case the unit cannot move.

Of course they added this under it, so I understand what they mean.
Note that the rules concerning unit coherency apply any
time that a unit is moved, including charging, piling in,
consolidating, etc. Again, if a unit cannot end such a move in
unit coherency, it cannot make the move.

via Games Workshop
There’s also an updated version of our Designer’s Commentary; this isn’t an FAQ but a brief and thorough guide to some of the key concepts of the new edition. These include how rerolls and modifiers are handled and how the Keyword system is intended to work (for example, even if you named your Tyranid Hive Fleet “Ultramarines” the only stirring emotions they’d experience in the presence of Marneus Calgar would be hunger)

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