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Space Marine Codex, Primaris Marines, +Collectors Editions

New from Games Workshop this morning is the first codex of the new edition, Space Marines. This is quite awesome, and there are plenty of versions to go around, from digital to special editions of the new book.

New From Games Workshop
Codex: Space Marines (Hardback) £30
Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought £40
Primaris Reivers £35
Primaris Aggressors £30
Datacards: Space Marines £10

Digital and Special Editions
Codex: Space Marines Primaris Edition £150
Codex: Space Marines Collector’s Edition £50
Codex: Space Marines Enhanced Edition £29.99
Codex: Space Marines Enhanced Collector's Edition £39.99
Codex: Space Marines (ePub) £24.99

Black Library
The Horusian Wars: Resurrection (Hardback) £18
Shroud of Night (Hardback) £18

This Weeks Primaris Pre-Orders £105
Killshot £105
Crux Terminatus Gaming Collection £60
Space Marines Gaming Collection £40