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Space Marines Are Here. Pre-Orders with Pricing Listed!

The first codex release for 8th Edition is coming this weekend, giving us our first look at just what a codex release will look like for the years to come in the edition. This week's pre-orders include Codex Space Marines, Primaris Aggressors, Primaris Reivers, and the Primaris Redeptor Dreadnought.  That is a big pre-order list for this week. Still to come are more Primaris releases which I will imagine are coming next week. 

via sources on Faeit 212
Space Marine Codex £30.00
A 208 hardback rulebook3
Full rules for Space Marines and Primaris Space Marines, including 85 datasheets, Battle Forged armies, Detachments, Chapter Tactics, Stratagems, and Warlord Traits