About 2 weeks ago I put up a notice that the normal backlog for What's On Your Table was running a little thin. What I did not expect was the large response I got from asking for submissions. Literally there was well over 30 submissions within a couple days, which reveals that a lot of you have some excellent projects under way, and a willingness to share with everyone else.

I was out of town for about 2 weeks, and am back now to getting things organized and moving. With so many entries, I will be doing multiple What's On Your Table articles when I can. This way your work is not sitting in the line up forever.

With that being said, its time to post up on the next of your projects.

So thank you for your responses. I personally really like the What's On Your Table series, and from the responses that are generated by it, I can tell that many of your enjoy it as well.

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