The latest newsletter from the 9th Age includes several projects from supporting companies, including from Lost Kingdom Miniatures and much more.

The 9th Age Newsletter

Lost Kingdom
Here they are, the dopest Infernal dwarves ever have arrived, and they are going to stay here for a long time! Welcome to the Maghmôrin Realm!! Welcome to Lost Kingdom Miniatures!!

Thank you for supporting us and help us to unlock every freebie!!

TMS campaign update

TMS campaign is going excellent, thank you for your support, we have unlocked 12 out of 23 units in our first week. Half way point already crossed :D. You guys are awesome, and we are glad we decided to make miniatures dedicated to T9A project!

Currently trying to unlock not, only my personal favorite the Dread Sphinx

Schrumpfkopf details his plans for... er... Kobolds?

Dan Mersey is writing a tiny set of skirmish rules for this pest.
Please check our FB site for more minis such as NOT Brettonians, halflings and ogres. :--)

Faeit 212 Community News

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