There is a lot going on over from Hawk Wargames on Dropfleet Commander. I did have a chance to speak to them directly, and while there has been delays, they are hard at work putting together what is looking to be a phenomenal final product. We are still expecting the game in the month of August, and of course a definitive date was not given (simply because if they do that they don't want to miss it).

Hawk is adamant that its a top priority to make sure that the quality is top tier, and that kickstarter supporters get their product before anything can be sold, even at events. This is very important to them. This includes any pre-orders that might appear (as retailers have not been given any info yet).

There are some great things on the way, and to show off a little bit of what is coming, here are a couple sneak peaks of the artwork that is coming. I think we will have a little more coming in the next week, hopefully for the PHR and Shaltari.

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