This week's releases have been verified, but really what is in these new boxes and sprues. Lets take a closer look.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
some more detailed info about this weeks releases are:

Deathwatch Bikers: 5 Space marine Bikes + Deathwatch upgrade Kit 60$
Deathwatch Captain: the "regular" Single Captain Box with all the options plus Deathwatch upgrade Kit 25$
Deathwatch Landraider: you can build all 3 Landraider Variants out of it + Deathwatch uprade Kit 80$
Deathwatch Transport: Razorback/Rhino Kit + Deathwatch upgrade Kit 42$
Deathwatch Captain in Terminator Armor: Clamppack Captain In terminator armor. nuff said 25$
Deathwatch Team Cassius: The 11 Deathwatch Marines from the Overkill box. 65$
How to Paint Deathwatch: 10$

So far the Deathwatch Sprue will not be Sold seperately yet.

The Deathwatch Spure Contains: 1 Deathwatch Backpack Icon. 2 Deathwatch Vehicle Icons. 2 Terminator Shoulderpads, 10 Power Armor Shoulderpads, 1 Deathwatch Powersword, 1 Sargeant Power Armor Chestplate, 2 Sargeant Helmets, one with crest and one with Bionics.

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