The rules for Deathwatch are being talked about, and I have went through and made sure we had the latest edits and additional information for this codex. This codex is looking extremely powerful at first glance, with some incredibly good combinations and very nice looking new weapons.

via Iuchiban on Dakka (there is some additional information here than the current compilations I have been reading. I think this is due to additional edits by Iuchiban)
First of all some general stuff:
- No named Characters in the codex

-The "Chapter Tactic" of the Deathwatch is called: Mission Tactics. At the beginning of your first turn you choose: HQ, Elite, Troops, Fast Attack or Heavy Support. You may reroll 1`s to hit vs Targets of the chosen type. Once per battle, at the beginning of any of your turns you may change the chosen type.

- There is a "Decurión" style formation in the codex called Black Spear Strike Force

Available Datasheets are:

- Watch Master
- Watch Captain
- Chaplain
- Librarian

- Veterans

Venerable D.
Vanguard Veteran

Fast Attack
Drop Pod
Corvus Blackstar

All three types of Land Raider

Watch Master:
- Chapter master profile (No EW)
- 2+ Armour sabe
- Equipped with: Guardian Spear, Granades, Clavis, Iron Halo
- Special Rules: IC, Mission Tactics, ATWKNF, Tactic Master

Guardian Spear: S+1, AP2, Melee, 2 hands, Block (Once per turn choose an attack the hit the bearer. Roll a D6, if the result is higher than the to hit roll of the enemy, attack is ignored).
Clavis; -1 to WS, BS and I to enemy vehicles at 6"
Tactic master: If chosen as the Warlord, you may change the Mission Tactic rule one additional time per game.

Watch Captain
- Company master profile
- Usual equipment + special ammo
- May be equipped with anything really,

- Same as normal chaplain + special ammo.

- Same as usual + special ammo.

Troops (Things get interesting here)
- Usual profile
- Up to 5 more models in the unit
- Any veteran may be equipped with CCW, Special Weapons or Shot Weapons (Translation may be inaccurate)
- Up to 4 veterans may be equipped with Heavy Weapon
- Any model may be equipped with Heavy Thunder Hammer (+30/model)
- One Veteran may be upgraded to Black Shield
- One Veteran may be upgraded to Watch Seargent and may change his CCW for a Xenosomething blade and may purchase equipment from the Special List
- Rhino, Razorback, Drop Pod or Corvus thing as Dedicated Transport

Shot Weapons:
- Bolter, Assault bolter, ... etc. As usual

Special Weapons
As usual +:
- Deathwatch shotgun 16" S4, AP-, Assault 2 Shred
16"S4 AP4 Assault 2
Template, S3, AP6, Assault 1

- Silence Bolter
Silence Bolter is:30" SX AP5, Heavy 2, Sniper.

As usual

Heavy Weapons
As usual+:
- Heavy Bolter may get Inferno ammo (24", S1, AP-, Blast, Poison2+) +5 points
- Infernus Heavy Bolter: 36" S5, AP 4, Assault3
Heavy Flamer
Non of the profiles is one use only. Inferno HB costs +20 per model.
- Deatchwatch Frag cannon: Template S6 AP- Assault2, Rending
24" S7 AP3, Assault 2, Impact
Impact: if target is at 12" or less: S9 and AP2

- Any model may get: Hammer + Shield (+10) or Claws (Free).
- Any model may get: Power Sword (free), Chainfist (+5), Power Fist with aux meltagun (+10)
- Any model may get: Heavy Flamer, Assault Cannon or Cyclon Missile Launcher (usual costs)

Power fist with aux meltagun: May use it as a meltagun and a power fist in the same turn. No one-use limitation

No visible changes here

Vanguard Veternas
squad size 1-5
No visible changes here but have the special ammo rule.

Fast Attack 
- Special ammo
- Skilled rider
- Split fire
- Squad size (1-5)
- Any model may get power sword (+5)
- Any model may get melta bombs (+5)
- Any model may get teleporting beacon (+10)

Corvus Blackstar
- Twin Linked Assault Cannon
- Black star launcher thing: S4, AP6, Bomb1, Big Blast
S5, AP4, Bomb1, Big Blast, Ignores Cover
- 4 Stormstrike missiles
- Ceramite Plating
- Assault Vehicle
- Attack Flyer
- Transport Capacity: 12. May transport Jump Infantry and Bikes !!!!
- May change the TW Assault Cannon for twin linked lascannon (free)
- May change the 4 misseles for a twin linked Blackstar missile Launcher: 30" S6, AP4, Heavy 1D6, AA
30" S4, AP5 Heavy1, Big Blast, Ignores Cover

Black shield upgrade: One veteran per squad can be upgraded to Black Shield. He gains the "Penitence through honour" special rule that grants him to double his attacks when fighting and IC, MC, a Vehicle or when his unit its outnumbered.

Heavy thunder hammer is S10, AP2, Melee, Unwieldy, 2-handed, Concussive, Pulverize (6 to wound have the Instant Death special rule)

Special ammo can be used now with: Bolt Pistols, Bolter and Silence Bolter, each of them with their own profile.

Bikers cannot purchase any other equipment than the one I listed before (Power swords, melta bombs and beacons), but remember that they have the special ammo rule.

Well the sprue has:
2x Heavy thunder hammers
12 shoulder pads for different chapters
1x Bolter/Heavy flamer thing
1x Frag cannon
2x Shields
A lot of power swords
1x combi weapon
5 back packs
A lot of heads
Couple of shotguns
Couple of silence bolter
1x Xenothing sword
and some other stuff

Decurion is called "Black Spear Strike Force"

Special Rules:
- Reroll warlord trait (If rolled in the deathwatch table)
- +1 to the times you can switch the Mission Tactic rule. For example if you run a Watch Master, you can switch the rule up to three times during the game.
- All your non-vehicle models get Deep Strike

Consists of:
- 1+ Basic Formation
- 1+ Auxiliary Formation
- 1-3 Command Formations

Command Formation is:
- Commander gurdian (Basically one HQ or a Dreadnought or a Venerable D.)

Basic formations are:
- Kill team
- Aquila Kill team
- Furor Kill team
- Venator Kill team
- Malleus Kill team
- Dominatus Kill team
- Purgatus Kill team
- Strategium Kill team
- Watch Company

Auxialiry formations are:
- Aux ship (1 Corvus thing)
- Anchients (1 Dread or Venerable)
- Tanks (1 Land Raider of any type)
- Dropship wing (3 Corvus things)

Formation rules:
Aquila Kill Teams:
1 unit of veterans
1 or more Librarians, Terminators, Vanguard Veternas and/or Bikers
Special rules:
- Reroll of 1's to wound and 1's to penétrate.
- Kill team rule: All models in the unit are considered a single unit and cannot divide them through the combat squad rule. IC cannot leave the unit during the game.
- Formation can have max size of 10 models, not counting the dedicated transports

Furor Kill Team
1 Unit of Veterans
1 unit of Termies
any number of units of Libbies, Vanguard Veterans, Bikers
Special rules:
- Reroll to wound and to penétrate vs Troops
- Kill team rule
Restrictions:Max 10 models (See above)

Venator Kill team
1 unit of veterans
1 unit of bikers
Any number of units of Libbies, Terminators, Vanguard Veterans
Special rules:
Reroll to wound and to penétrate vs Fast Attack
Kill team special rule
Restrictions: Max 10 models

Dominatus Kill team
1 unit of Veterans
1 unit of Vanguard Veterans
Any number of Libbies, Termies, Bikers
Special rules:
Reroll to wound and to penétrate vs Elite
Kill team special rule
Max 10 models

Malleus Kill Team
1 unit of veterans
1 unit of termies
any number of Libbies, Vanguard veternas or bikers
Special rules:
reroll to wound and to penétrate vs HS
Kill team
Max 10 models

Purgatus Kill team
1 unit of Veterans
1 Librarian
1 unit of Termies
Any number of Libbies, Vanguard Vets and/or bikers
Reroll to wound and to penétrate vs HQ
Kill team
Max 10 models

Strategium Command Team
1 Watch Captain, Chaplain or Libby
1 unit of Veterans or 1 of the above formations
If the formation has a Watch Captain all modles get 6+ FnP as long as the captain is alive
If commanded by a Chaplain all models have Furious Charge
If commanded by a Libby: Stubborn and Adamantium will

Watch Company
1 Watch Captain
4 of: Units of Veterns or the Kill teams mentioned above.
Reroll to wound vs HQ, Psykers or IC

Corvus Dropship wing
3 Corvus things
Reroll to wound and to penetrate vs Flyers or FMC.

Kill team special rule
Restrictions: Max 10 models

Just clarifying: do all units in the kill team formation form a single inseperable squad?
Short answer: Yes
Long answer: Yes and I thing its really good. For example, the Malleus Kill team (the one designed vs HS)
Take a unit of 5 Vets. Give them 3 Missile Launchers. Add 2 Termies, and give them 2 Cyclon Missile Launchers. You get a unit of 7 models, that fires 7x S8, AP3 shots, that reroll armounr pen ves HS vehicles. Not bat at all.

Or give them the Frag cannon instead and a Drop Pod.

Possibilities are inmense!!!!!

Super special ammo
When used with bolt pistol, bolter or silece bolter, 6 to wound have Instand Death

Angelis beacon
Works like a normal beacon but once per game, at the beginning of your Movement Phase you can remove a Deatchwatch unit from the battlefield (even if in combat) and Deep strike the unit at 6" of the bearer of the beacon.

Dominus Aegis
If bearer does not move, his unit gets 4++

Sorry, wanted to say he and his unit get 4++.

Osseus Key
Clavis. Additional, if bearer attacks a vehicle roll a D6. 1 - no effect. 2-3 Vehicle suffers a glancing hit. 4+ Vehicle suffers pen. hit.

Thief of Secrets
Power sword + After a model suffers an unsaved woud bearer learns all weaknesses of the objetive. From them on if attack to a model which weaknesses have been learned, wound on 2+. For example, after a Carnifex suffers an unsaved wound, bearer may wound any Carnifex on a 2+.

Ectoclades book
At the beginning of your turn bearer may choose one Mission Tactic. When doing so, bearer and his unit gain that misión tactic, additionally to the one granted normally.

Warlord Traits: 
1. Warlord reroll to wound and to pen. vs MC, Tanks and superheavies. 
2. Roll a D6. That many times Warlor OR his unit may reroll one to Hit, Wound or Pen roll. 
3. All Warlord's weapons are Master-Crafted (Not the relics) 
4. Warlord has Night Vision. May choose to have Night Fight during the first turn. 
5. May change the Mission Tactic one additional time. 
6. At the beginning of any turn Warlord may order a bombardment on a enemiy unit at 12" or less. Roll a D6. On a 3+ Target suffers D3 hits, S6, AP4. On a result of 6, D3 hits, S10, AP2.

Watch Captain Artemis (The one in the box) 
- Power Sword 
- Frag and Krak Granades 
- Iron Halo 
- Special ammo 
- Warlord Trait: May change Mission Tactics one additional time 
- Fearless 
- FnP 6+ 
- Hellfire Extremis: Combiweapon. Secondary weapon is: Template, S1, AP2, Assault 1, Poison 2+ 
- Stasis bomb: Once per game, when attacking in close combat, he may instead make a single stasis bomb attack. If so, roll to hit as normal, but resolve the attack with SD, AP1. If the attack misses, Artemis suffers one SD, AP1 hit instead.

Additional Bits
With the Deathguard sprue you are able to build fully 5 Deathguard models.

I think that the stuff posted so far covers the new Deathwatch stuff. 

In my opinion (15 year Veteran) the codex is really, really strong, Units disembarking from a Drop Pod can, for expample, either put on you 8 S6, AP- Shred Templates or 8 S9 AP2 shots. The heavy bolter/flamer weapon is insane. The Power Fist/melta gun thing is awsome. 5 Termis, each with a Heavy Weapon, come on. 

The Flyer is damn good as well. BTW I forgot to mention that the Corvus thing can get the reroll failed jink saves thing for +5 points. Can get the Strafing Run SR for +10 points. 

Very, very strong codex. 

There is one tiny sprue with Deathwatch shoulder pads (12x), 1 power sword, 2 Helmets and 3x Inquisition symbols. There your have your Deathguard upgrade sprue.
There are 2x Termi size shoulder pads in the sprue.

Grav Pistols and Grav guns are in. Grav Cannons are not.

Corvus thing is12/12/11 3HP

Vets can take any number of special weapons and up to 4 Heavy Weapons from the list ( Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer, Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter/Flamer thing and Frag Cannon.

Can the Watch Master take any upgrades?
He can get equipment from the Special List (Auspex, Combat Shield, Melta bombs, Beacon, etc) and relics. That's it.

Is the watch master guy a stand alone model or is he built from the upgrade sprue?
Looks like he is not in the sprue. Probably he will get his own Blister soon ...

Is Captain Artemis an allowed option for the Kill Team formations?

Anything new for the Harlequins? For Eldrad?
Eldrad is the same as in current Eldar Codex. Only some new formations for the Harlies. Nothing remarkable. Deathwatch is the star here. Eldar are just the sparring in this release.

As said, nothing special on the Eldar side.
Eldrad - same
Death Jester - same
Formation with two bikes (and only two) than can reroll failed jink saves.
Formation with all the models in the box: All models get FnP 6+, but Works always, even vs ID wounds. Eldard has EW in this formation.

Frag cannon - 25 points
HB/HF - 20 points

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