This is definitely worth checking out, as we have seen a major shift with Games Workshop turning on the full Social Media thing in the last several months. A lot of attribute this change solely on a change at the top. However there is one area that we have not touched on, the new Merchandising and Marketing Manager at GW.

From Blood of Kittens. Short excerpt below, so if this interests you head over and read the entire article.

I am sure you are asking yourself who the hell is Robert Dekker, besides a possible Robocop corporate villain. Robert Dekker is  probably the most likely reason we are seeing a major shift in how Games Workshop is engaging with its customers. It is a major shift from a time when former GW executives claimed they didn’t even need a marketing department.

So, who is Robert Dekker?
Bobby the Dutchman casually called, is the new Merchandising and Marketing Manager for GW. He holds a position first of its kind for GW and reports directly to Kevin Roundtree the CEO. This hire happened around March this year, shortly after Roundtree declared in the in an annual report that he would hire such a person. As stated in that report Roundtree wanted a new focus on customer engagement, which had clearly been lacking for more than five years. What makes Mr. Dekker even more interesting is he isn’t an internal hire, GW went outside the typical comfort zone of promoting from within. In addition, Bobby has no previous miniature game experience to speak of.

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