While I am in the backcountry of British Columbia, What's On Your Table is coming back. To submit up to 8 of your hobby related pics to showcase them for this series, send them to natfka@live.com.

Been working on some warden conversions recently. Wanted to make an effort to split them from just "stormcast with a helmet". 

That's still what they are, but at least a bit more flavour ­čśÇ 

I was happiest with the boltsr attachment to the axes, I felt using half the bolter on the haft and wrapping with an eagle gave a significant enough change from base model.

Last is a sister of silence, I built the 5 years ago and didn't wanna grab another box for an HQ so just used spare parts and a VERY big cloak to hide that she's only 1 leg, 1 arm, 1 shoulder and a head from the actual kit ­čśÇ 



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