This will be an amazing release. Love dreadnoughts, but have always disliked their rules. This guy is a beast though. Can't wait.

via WarCom

These massive Dreadnoughts were secretly developed on Terra in the latter days of the Great Crusade, away from the prying ocular lenses of the Mechanicum. And no wonder – you don’t want this kind of firepower getting into the hands of your rivals. Fortunately, the Emperor only issued the design to those he trusted. Y’know, like Horus.

This is the first time these walking heavy weapons platforms have been available in plastic, and the wait has been truly worth it. Sporting far heavier armour and even bigger guns than the already-intimidating Contemptor Dreadnought,* the Leviathan truly lives up to its name.

This posable kit is loaded for ranged combat, with a choice of three types of arm weapon – the grav-flux bombard, the cyclonic melta lance, and the storm cannon, as well a choice of two integrated hull weapons – paired heavy flamers or twin-linked volkite calivers. You even have the option to outfit it with a carapace-mounted phosphex discharger, for that extra-toxic anti-infantry sting in the tail.

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