The new Chaos Space Marine Codex is coming this weekend to preorders and today we have a preview that is certain to satisfye the inner cultist in just about all of us. 

via WarCom

Any friendly <LEGION> CULTISTS units within 6” of a Dark Commune’s Iconarch are encouraged by the dark sigils they carry, boosting their leadership and providing a chance to re-roll fumbled attacks that scored a 1. The Dark Commune itself will automatically pass any morale checks while the Iconarch still stands.

As a PRIEST, each Cult Demagogue knows the litany of Dark Zealotry, which grants <LEGION> CORE, CULTIST, or CHARACTER units within range of the Demagogue a better chance to land their hateful blows. 

They can also choose an invocation aligned to one of the four Chaos Gods – Feculent Beseechment lets a Demagogue beg Nurgle to bloat one <LEGION> NURGLE CORE or NURGLE CHARACTER unit with plague wrought extra toughness, which is great for fattening up your Chaos Space Marine Legionaries.

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