A look into the Gifts of Chaos for the new codex coming to preorders this Weekend

via WarCom
Codex: Chaos Space Marines is short moments away from escaping the Eye of Terror and racing to pre-order this weekend, and it’s full of diabolical new rules for making the army of your (most depraved) dreams.

When fielding a Battle-forged army composed of any Chaos Space Marines Detachments, you can upgrade any CHAOS UNDIVIDED CORE or CHARACTER choice with a malefic Mark of Chaos for the appropriate points or Power Rating cost. 

Cultists do not get this luxury, as they are simply too low in the pecking order, whereas the new Daemon Prince must take a Mark of Chaos – they didn’t get those horns and spiky sentient cleavers without making a demonic deal.

There is more small print too. You lose the CHAOS UNDIVIDED keyword, PSYKERS cannot take the Mark of Khorne for obvious reasons – though PRIESTS can* – Emperor’s Children units must have a Mark of Slaanesh, and you also need to give up your blackened and broken soul for all eternity. 

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