With the recent restocking of the Bretonnia models it looked very much like the Bretonnians will return, however, recent rumors and conversations behind the scenes are telling a different tale. A tale of their demise during the Endtimes. If these turn out to be true, perhaps the survivors would integrate into a combined Human Empire.

Please remember that these are rumors. While this conversation was prompted by the return of Bretonnia models on the GW webstore with the source, I believe that at the very minimum Bretonnians get integrated into a combined army, or at the best get a full army book release in early 2015. I dont think we will see the model line go away, but a big change seems to be looming.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Regarding Bretonnians
"they are dead, I was told flat out and promised they are dead from                     .   .    

"Did you read both end times books yet,? by the end of glottkin the empire has lost half its population. I hear kislev is gone in the first, along with bretonia."

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