The next book is going to be called the Shield of Baal: Exterminatus according to a reader here on Faeit 212. Not only that, but it appears there is a codex Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard edition (most likely a limited edition codex or special edition codex). There is also mention of Blood Angel datacards.

I only have what was posted in the comment section here, and it seems like it could be legit. Hard to say at the moment, so please remember that this is a rumor.

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or conspiracynutt (was posted under both names)
Ok, this is either going to go down like a lead balloon or I may have just found the holy grail of rumour farming!!!!

So here goes, the next book being released for the campaign is.... 
Shield of Baal:Exterminatus. 

Not only that but the Blood angels codex is coming with this funky little tidbit:
Codex Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard Edition
As well as:
Blood Angels Data Cards(English)

I know people will throw salt all over this, but I believe it is genuine and I have proof but I just don't want to give it away just yet in case Games Workshop patch that particular hole because it could be a potential gold mine for info.

Also here is the latest from Nightfury if you dont happen to read down to the comment sections.

"The Sanguinary Guard edition will be similar to the wolfguard limited edition SW codex with counters and an artfolio.. should go up for preorders the last week in november if the timetable is correct along with the much anticipated LE boxed set that will almost certainly include the new tyranid broodlord i told you about a few weeks ago"
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