Next week, we are back to Warhammer 40k, and the new campaign the Shield of Baal. This time the Blood Angels are here hitting back to save the Cryptus System from the tendrils of Leviathan. This week we get book 2 of the campaign, called Shield of Baal, Deathstorm, and the new Box Set we have all been dying to find out more about. 

Please remember that like all early information, these are must still be considered rumors. This set comes from more than one source. 

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212 *****
two releases next week for 40k and the rest is hobbit and some bases. 
Shield of Baal box set $125 25 miniatures, campaign supplement, and rules
Shield of Baal: Deasthstorm $24 hardback 125pgs

Contents of the box set
Small Rulebook with Blood Angels on Front
Campaign Supplement -40pages
3 missions, rules and dataslates for each model, two formations- Strike Force Deathstorm and Phodian Annihilation Swarm

Blood Angels Strike Force- 12 models
Captain Karlean, 5 terminators, 5 deasth company, and a death company dreadnought

Phodian Annihilation Swarm- 13 models
Spawn of Cryptus, 8 genestrealers, 3 warriors, and a carnifex

The Spawn of Cryptus is a very large Broodlord towering over the height of warriors. Both the Spawn of Cryptus and Captian Karlean are new models.
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