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The End Times, and the First Armybook of 9th Edition

The End Times has really driven Warhammer Fantasy these last few months, and as we approach a new edition rumored to be in May, there are questions about how the End Times will continue or be separate from the 9th edition release.

Here is the latest, and please remember that these are rumors.

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
I have some more Informations:

-Endtimes will become more than 4 Book
-The last Books will maybe released after the 9th Edition
-Empire will be the first Armybook of the new edition

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  1. Where are the Brettons/Beastmen/Skaven ? I wonder if these are going to be the start of those combined Army books people have mentioned? if not why Empire?? they have a very Strong new book anyway.
    as for the End Times being in 9th I really think it's to early to say I've heard conflicting rumours about this.
    apart from that I am one Happy chap with lots of warhammer fantasy love :D

    1. Because the Empire will mostly greatly be affected by the events of the End Times. Skaven, Beasts, and Brets will just have to wait. They will get new books, however. Consider how 40k saw a new codex every other month or so, and that's what to expect in Fantasy. No more waiting 6 years from the first to fourth codex in an edition.

    2. ^ that is assuming GW follow that model. they might, they might not. they have been doing a good job of keeping those in the know in the dark. so if they do a fantasy AB release schedule then cool, if not and do something else, equally cool. for all we know they could continue to do releases for fantasy as we have known it...... *throws a spanner into some gears*

    3. End Times is an "alternative" timeline for fantasy.. much like a supplement.. Youll be able to play "regular" fantasy using the individual army books or "end times" fantasy using the combined army lists.. think about it.. end times was written and being written the same time as the new dwarf and dark/ wood elves army books.. it wasn't done with the intent of completely negating each other

  2. New "rumour" for everyone:

    The next book for End Times is:

    End Times Skaven
    End Times Skaven (Limited Edition)

    Please note they were printed BEFORE the Khaine crisis, there will be a repeat of them selling out, I Imagine they will hold more stick back to go online rather than allocating shops stock.

    (Reposting here incase you missed it ;) )

    1. Ah, End Times: Skaven great! I heard it was End Times: Be Lakor But anything can happen :)

    2. skaven makes sense, because it follows the pattern of the other ET books being the four horsemen of the apocalypse; nagash for death, glottkin for pestilence, khaine for war and skaven for famine

    3. I see what you mean, I'de not thought of that. good idea though :)

    4. Not much of a "rumour".
      Khaine was a bit part really, and not written terribly well, but thats Thorpe for you.
      War is still to come

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Sorry about double-post.
      In fact, the four horsemen are Conquest, War, Famine and Death, so glottkin means nothing in the "horsemen theory".
      Anyways, as we know reading the new books, each of the important characters is an "avatar" of a wind of magic.
      So there are 5 more to appear. I don't believe that 3 of them will be listed in the same book, so i suppose there will be at least 3 books more.

  3. BTW the new Shield of Baal - Deathstorm is up for pre-order!

  4. The way the end times books have been selling I wouldn't be surprised if they just kept running these releases till we all run of out of money.... this isn't a complaint, I love these.

    1. Shhhhhh..... There maybe an Elven player nearby. They are not happy.

      I am an Elf player but the last week or so there has been a melt down in the gaming community that was almost scary. I thought of setting up a depression Hotline and therapy groups to help them get through this terrible time they are going through.

    2. I once wanted to set up a self help group for people addicted to self help groups, but now elf players give me a bigger market than others

    3. It's GW's strategy to give a reality to the End Times, make all the Order army players hate the game so much they quit, leaving only the Evil armies the gaming world.

      Archeon's Financial Apocalypse.

    4. Hey, unhappy elf player here! =D

      I hope whichever writer did the End Times fluff is introduced to some lovely ladies I know from Comorragh...

    5. Don't worry Thomas, I have a reserved spot for you at the group meetings. I will find a way to get one of the GW End Times developers to the meeting so you beat them with a Nerf© bat.

      I also am writing a book called And You Thought You Had Mommy Issues; The Memoirs Of A Pheonix King. :D

    6. Heck.. i walked into my flgs today and promptly purchased 2 of the end times:kaine book sets on the shelf leaving 2 left to gather dust like the glottkin and nagash books sitting next to them.. my apologies to the elf players missing out but have heart.. the books are out there you just gotta look

  5. If I recall right 40k Radio said their would be 5 End Time books. They didn't say exactly what each book would be though. I think it was 2 maybe 3 episodes back.

    1. Makes sense to me. So far we've had:
      End Times: Nagash
      End Times: Glottkin
      End Times: Khaine

      and I imagine the last 2 will be:

      End Times: Skaven
      End Times: Archaon

      I mean, the last book has to be the Lord of the End Times himself. I also imagine it will be just as massive, if not more so, as the Nagash book.

    2. Maybe Archaon will finally bite it. A grand epic battle where in the end Archaon with victor in his grasp finally falls leading us into 9th ed where things are left to be picked up.

    3. I'd love nothing more than to see Archaon, the Failure, finally bite it.

      Or, better yet, have him spawn'd! He was beat by a damn orc! Ugh, the Chaos gods are softies all of the sudden.

      Maybe Spawn him, and he could be a nice +2 AS mount for someone. ;P