Shield of Baal Deathstorm is now up for pre-orders, and with it comes two new models; Captain Karlean of the Blood Angels and the Spawn of Cryptus (a massive broodlord character). Of course we have heard that the spawn of Cryptus is a very detailed models with 17 individual components, and stands nearly as tall as a Hive Tyrant.

Well today we get a small preview of their rules.

Please remember that these are early bits of information on the new boxset, and as such can only be considered rumors. These come from a good source.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Captain Karlean WS6 just over 150pts
Terminator Armour with Iron Halo, storm bolter, and Relic of Baal: melee, concussive, master crafted, specialist weapon and unwieldy.

Strategic Genius: +1 seize the initiative, and can re-roll any reserve roll

Children of Cryptus is 8 genestealers and the Spawn of Cryptus for a little over 200pts
Spawn of Cryptus is t5 with 3 wounds and has preferred enemy and has rending claws. He also comes with infiltrate, fleet, move through cover, and stealth just like the genestealers. Spawn of Cryptus is also a lvl 1 psyker who knows The Horror and Dominion powers.
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