Everyone is excited about the Venom. If you have been buried in some dark hole, that is no excuse for not knowing about this release.

As far as I can research, I've found that the venom was originally a Harlequin transport in an experimental codex by Gav Thorpe a long time ago. I hadn't read it until recently, but the venom was based on a Viper hull that the Harlequin used to navigate the webway. It has definitely changed over this long time, and now we have a sleek new transport for the Dark Eldar.

First off, I am excited, because back when VDR (vehicle design rules) came out in 3rd edition, I was quick to make some Dark Eldar Fliers I called Wraiths. I used the Viper as my base, and built two of them. This gives me the ideal base model to break down a little and create two very quick and easy Venoms.

Lets look at them. BS4 F10 S10 R10. Vehicle open topped, fast, and a skimmer with night vision. It can carry 5 models, and alot of Dark Eldar units are designed to incorporate this. They come with a twin linked spliter rifle and a splinter cannon. Also built into the base model is a flickerfield. (5+ invul save).

Pic from the experimental codex
Options start off with replacing the twin linked splinter rifle with a splinter cannon. I highly suggest doing this. It gives you a pretty cheap transport with 12 poison (4+) shots at BS4. You can move 12" and fire both of these weapons. Next you can upgrade with the following, retrofire engines, chain snares, grisly trophies, envenomed blades, and night shields.

My old Wraithe fliers
I highly suggest swaping out the splinter rifle for the splinter cannon. For the around the price of a chimera, you get 12 shots. Other than that, the options are nice to allow for some flexibility in your list.

Make sure you note that with this codex, you cannot take a dedicated transport if the squad they come with cant fit in it. Dark Eldar are not marines.

What is nice about Dark Eldar transports is that the Venom is highly anti-infantry and carries 5. The Raider is anti-mech and carries 10. With this in mind, my intitial thoughts are to bring in at least 2 venoms in my lists flying alongside several raiders. What a nice combination of transports we have. I was almost crying with glee, almost.

Use these. You will like them.
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