Wanting to see Horus Heresy Armies ready to do battle vs 8th edition 40k? Well some guys over on the Heresy 30k have posted some up. This is a fan made project, and one that I personally would like to see continue.

This was bound to happen, as 8th edition moves forward.

via ArbitorIan on Heresy 30k

A few months ago, in response to the 'Playing Heresy in 8ed' thread on this forum, a few people started sharing ideas for how we could 'fill in the gaps' and play Heresy with the 8th Edition 40k ruleset.

Grifftofer and I ran with this, and have been working hard over the last few weeks to get out a first draft set of rules - most of the hard work being Grifftofer's, who has managed to copy a ridiculous amout of text and layout in such a short space of time!

Here's the first document - the generic Legiones Astartes PDF.
LINK - Legiones Astartes Compilation PDF

As a general design philosophy, we’ve tried to keep the structure and arrangement of units and armies the same as they have been in previous versions of 30k, but using the new rules system. If rules for a unit exist in 8ed, we’ve used them unchanged. When porting over rules from 7ed, we’ve tried to use equivalent 8ed rules wherever possible, and only write completely new material where necessary.

For example, Tactical Squads already have rules in 40k, so we've copied those rules, but given them the 30k weapon options. Fury of the Legion still works as a rule, so we've updated only the language of the rule to 8ed-style. However, the nuncio-vox rules don't work any more, so we've used the closest existing 40k 8ed rules that made sense (in this case, from the AM Master of Ordnance). 

We hope that this will be a living community document, and discussion here and on other forums will lead to regular updates as everyone has a chance to playtest it - we haven't had much chance yet! In particular, we've included a foreword with a number of 'big' questions for answering by the community.

We're also hard at work with the next document - Legion rules - which requires a bit more thought.

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