Lorgar Bearer of the Word, book 5 of the Primarch series now available for Limited Edition on the Black Library. Lorgar is one of my favorite characters in the Horus Heresy, and now even more so.

via the Black Library
Lorgar’s an important figure in the story of the Horus Heresy. He was the first of the primarchs to be seduced into the service of the Dark Gods, and it was by his machinations that Horus fell, ushering in the Heresy and ten thousand years of war. But apart from brief overviews and veiled references, there’s never been a good look at Lorgar’s youth on Colchis and the events that shaped him… until now.

‘Lorgar: Bearer of the Word’ is the latest volume in the Primarchs series, and it’s out now in Limited Edition format. Written by Gav Thorpe, it’s the secret origin of Lorgar Aurelian. The novel covers Lorgar’s childhood, his relationship with his mentor Kor Phaeron (who goes on to be pretty important in the Heresy as well… check out ‘Know No Fear’ for example), and the vicious religious war that is waged in his name. It details the visions that wrack Lorgar and how his devout belief that the Emperor is a god comes about – and of course, it’s also packed full of battle, drama and strong characters.

And what about that Limited Edition? Like the rest of the Primarchs series, it’s a bespoke hardback packaged in a magnetic presentation box. The book is in the grey and gold of the pre-fall Word Bearers, with gilt-edged pages, and each copy is uniquely numbered from an edition of 2,500. It’s only available from blacklibrary.com, and it’s out now.

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