Something interesting in the Codex Skitarii, is that if you downloaded the interactive sample, like normal you get access to several of the rules by clicking on them. However, this time (I dont know if its always been like this), Games Workshop has left the entire Glossary index and its rules available to you. This means that if you dig in you can find relics, tactical objectives, and just about any special rule you want that will be in the codex.

A thanks goes out to a reader here on Faeit 212 who pointed it out.

Need an example......
Arkhan's Divinator- If a model or its unit identifies a mysterious objective or moves onto mysterious terrain, yo can choose to re-roll the result.

The Phase Taser- S+2 melee, inerdimensional Electrocution, and Taser

Pater Radium- if the bearer is locked in combat at the end of Initiative, each unit takes a toughness test. if failed d6 random wounds with no armor saves allowed are taken.

The Omniscient Mask - gives Zealot special rule

Phosphoenix- 6" S5 AP2 pistol luminagen, phosphex, and poisoned 3+

The Skull of Elder Nikola- once per game instead of firing a weapon, roll a d6's equal to the turn number. the number rolled is the range of the attack- all enemy vehicles suffer a haywire hit.

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