Yesterday we saw the a leaked image of the stat lines for this heavy support choice, and now we have the rest of the story. I think the big thing on these walkers is that they have the Doctrina Imperatives rules. This is big, as they can really get some great buffs out including increased BS with those Eradication Beamers and nuetron lasers.

Please take these as rumors, as I had thought I had heard mention a slightly different point cost on the icarus array. I have removed the stat lines, simply because these have been revealed already in leaked images.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Eradication Beamer
Broad Spectrum Data-Tether
Emanatus Force Field

Special Rules
Doctrina Imperatives
Crawler-ignores diff terrain and auto passes dangerous
Field Harmonics-increases invul saves +1 for each model in the same squadron within 4"

may include two more at 90pts each
can replace its main weapon with a twin linked heavy phosphor blaster 15pts, nuetron laser and cognis heavy stubber 25pts, icarus array 35pts
Can take any items from the Skitarii Vehicle equipment list.

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