There are more hints today.... (not for April's Fools) that are starting to show that an Eldar Codex release may be on the horizon. We have discussed this late last week, and since then the Eldar Codex, along with the Iyanden codex are not longer on the GW webstore (US, Canada, and UK).

Along with a missing codex, models are also gone... like the Windrider Jetbikes. It has been suggested that we will be getting a couple new models, primarily a new eldar jetbike and an Autarch model.

There is also a new novel coming, that you can see here....

I have also heard back from a source that was saying we would be seeing an Eldar Codex Release in 2-3 weeks. This is what he said in response to further questions.

Full codex again
Yes full codex redo 110% on my part.

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