Its the game that I know everyone has been dying to get more information on, Dropfleet Commander. Today I have a little bit of information on what is coming, and I thought it prudent to share.

If you are still wondering what I am talking about..... its a space based game in the Dropzone Commander universe done by David Lewis of Hawk Wargames, and Andy Chambers... you know from other places and the designer of Battlefleet Gothic back in the day. 

The game has its rockstar design team with Andy and the Hawk Wargames team, and I know playtesting has been intense over the last year. What's new though is that we are about to see some of the first models for the game...... yea you heard that right. 

I have been told that the models are absolutely stunning with an amazing amount of detail that you would expect from Hawk Wargames. The best part is that some of these models are being set up to be shown at Salute this year.... which is only a few weeks out! April 25th is the event, and I have been told UCM will have a range a models present at the Hawk Wargames booth. 

The next step of course, is when can I see this game? Well, you wont have to wait that long for it.... as I have heard that Andy Chambers just might be visiting GenCon along with the Hawk Wargames Team for live demo's of the game!

Of course anything else beyond this..... I am waiting patiently for (OK I may be lying about the patiently part)

Seriously... please anyone going to Salute.... please send us pics.

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