I have been working through the Dark Eldar Codex in the Denizens of Commorragh series. Here is a compilation of what has been posted thus far. I will continue to go through the codex, and then I will probably backtrack a little a make sure everything is up to date as far as how I think each unit can and should be used. I started this series before the codex came out and sometimes units evolve through lots of gameplay, so I will eventually update into a single guide. Putting this together also gives me a good idea on what units I haven't gotten to yet.

It's all ice outside here for the first time of the year, so there is a lot for me to get done today. So I will get straight to the point.

Denizens of Commorragh Index

Cronos Parasite Engine
Talos Pain Engine
Asdrubael Vect
Voidraven Bomber
Razorwing Jetfighter
Drazhar - Master of Blades
Hekatrix Bloodbrides and Wyches
Kabalite Trueborn

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