Wow, Simply put, we didn't get anything we already didn't know. A big announcement is coming tomorrow, but it's the same announcement as we are giving you today! lol.

Anyhow, nothing new on the Blood Angel front. Stormraven and Furioso Dreadnaught along with a Blood Angel Battleforce set are the most likely releases in February. Just scroll down for yesterdays news article encase you missed it.


  1. When you read below, notice how GW said "more information" not "the Same information" or even "a little less information"

    Very dissapointing that someone at GW forgot the english translation for "more" actually meant "more".

  2. I can't comprehend why everyone thought there was going to be a big announcement today. They did the same, extremely frustrating thing with Skaven about a month ago.

    GW: "We're going to be doing new Skaven minis in January, it's going to be awesome!"

    Everyone: "Awesome! What are they going to be!?!"

    GW: "..."

    When they announce the contents of the next wave of Skaven: wait a month for the GW announcement about this wave.

  3. We should of all realized we wouldnt get anything. When they said more information will be released on Monday, I should of taken that as the same information but just told to us a second time.

    Regardless, it's still frustrating and in reality in most normal companies someone misleading the public and customers with info should be demoted or let go of.


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