Today Ive made some ground on converting my raiders over to a more 5th codex appearance. Im starting to like the looks of how they are coming out, however I know there is a lot more work to be done on them. All the pics are in black and white until I repaint. (they look like crap right now).

Im trying to keep it simple, yet keep with some of the same aethestics of the new raiders. I've decided to just stick to the old parts, and not add new ones. To start I need a sail. Plasti-card seemed pretty easy to make one out of, as well as extra sprue bits. I took off the rear fin of the old raider, cut it up, and used it as a large angled rudder for the rear of the raider.

So this is where I am at thus far. I will attempt to get some better pics without so much shadow on them at a latter date.

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