Mon Keigh. We used to hear or read this word all the time. It took me to just the other day to realize that I hadn't seen the word in our new codex. Did they throw it away? I understood the word to mean all the races beneath them, but I see in our shiney new codex that I see them call humans, humans.

I beleive it's in the current craftworld eldar codex. Did I miss it or is it gone now?


  1. aIt's used in a tourter's tale

  2. I think "Mon Keigh" refers only to humans, not any race that isn't Eldar.

    This makes sense if you consider the following:

    Mon Keigh = Monkay = Monkey

    Monkeys being the animal that people think we evolved from.*

    *People in this sense refers to those whose knowledge of evolution is limited to an underfunded grade 10 science class.

    Perhaps GW is trying to move away from those references that are the most likely to be seen as politically incorrect?


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