Well, its been a several hours since the release of the new FAQ. The staff at GW just increased the quality of the game. If they can keep up on this, they will draw more and more people to the game.

I think for the most part what was posted was pretty clear before this release. What it does do is stop some of the insane Internet arguments that we get that make absolutely no sense (we all know who the self serving forum elitist's are). It's good that they finally came out and put all this down in writing, so here are some of the highlights.........

Vehicles with scout moves can take their cover saves for going flat out or for turbo boosting. This one was nice to see in writing.

Transports moving flat out lose their passengers if you crash during your turn.

Exploding vehicles is now more clearly defined (some weird interpretations were giving people a D6" radius wreck from hull, sorry I had to mention that one).

Some of the others include, if you cant' get on the board when coming in from a board edge, your unit is destroyed and removed from play.

There is a new Independent Character ruling that says you can move models out of the characters way so it can reach base to base.

Multiple sniper rifles in a single unit only cause one pinning test, not multiple.

Units can start the game in non-dedicated transports.

Tank shocking now works slightly different; You get to make a moral test every time your tank shocked, however, you are still broken and the test is only to see if you run again.

Stealth is passed on to the unit if only 1 or some of the models have stealth.

You cant ram buildings.

Flamers fired out of fire points that overlap the vehicle cannot damage the vehicle.

There is more, but that is the just of it. A very good FAQ addition. I hope they keep this up. The quality of our game just got better.

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