Here he have the ultimate in weapon system technologies for the Dark Eldar. (personally it make me salivate for what the eldar will have in 5th). The Voidraven is heavily armored with heavy weaponry and missile options.

These bombers will be the pinnacle of your dark eldar army whether they go into your lists or not. Personally I would stay away from the Forgeworld models at this moment, because if you are going to proxy a model for something else, why spend so much. I will be building one of these, I just haven't got my bearings yet with the new codex.

The Voidraven is an armored BS4 F11 S11 R10 Fast Skimmer. It gets both Aerial Assault and Supersonic abilities. (can fire everything at cruising and can go flat out 36"). It can also Deepstrike and has Night Vision.

The Voidraven comes with two Void Lances. These are a S9 AP2 36" assault 1, lance weapon. They don't come with any missiles, but you have the option of purchasing up to 4 of them. Here is what you can get. The base cost here is higher than what you pay per missle for the Razorwing Jetfighter.

Monoscythe Missile S6 AP5 Assault 1, large blast, one shot
Necrotoxin Missile SX AP5 Assault 1, large blast, poisoned 2+, pinning, one shot
Shatterfield Missile S7 AP- Assault 1, large blast, one shot. Can re-roll failed to wound rolls.
Implosion Missile S * AP2 Assault1, blast, one shot *models hit take a wounds test or suffer instant death regardless of toughness. cover and invul saves can be taken. This missle is expensive.

Upgrade options. You still get nightshields, and flickerfields as possible options.

The Voidraven Bomber can get expensive quick. However, as dark eldar get used to spending 200pts per unit these will find themselves into more lists. The bomber fits a unique role on the table top for us, as it comes with the super powerful void lances. These should really rip up some armor. Not only that, but they can unleash their 4 missiles in a single volley. Smacking down 4 large blast templates per Bomber should bring your alot of pleasure on the tabletop. Once unloaded, you still have two Voidlances to wreck havoc the rest of the game.

I highly doubt the Implosion Missile will get much use due to its small blast and high cost. At the moment I can only see using them in a list that already has two other Voidravens or Razorwings with full missile loads. This way you would be able to use one of them to drop 4 implosion missiles directly into something that is going to hurt. I just find these missiles to high situational. However, the terror factor once again comes into play, and trying to scare your opponent into making mistakes is something dark eldar will excel at in the hands of a competent player.

I will be making a pair of Voidraven Bombers. Not for the excercise or fun of modeling, but becuase of the terror I believe you will be able to seed on the tabletop. Dont get me wrong, I like modeling something unique like this, but the glee of fielding the ultimate weapon in Dark Eldar technology is simply too hard to pass up.


  1. Valks, Stormravens, now these. Seems pretty clear air support is here to stay. Eldar Nightwing/Phoenix/etc., Tau Barracudas and Ork Fighta-Bommas should be making appearances in future codexes. Wonder if they'll make something for the Necrons or not.

  2. Im sure they will. How cool will that be?

  3. I too am looking forward to what my craftworlders will get when their next codex comes round. That being said, I am still picking up the dark eldar book on release day, mostly just to read the new background section (as it actually has one this time!)

  4. I prefer the razorwing. Both models will very likely come with the new vendetta bases, so you won't get any cover saves for them, unless you boost over the table.

    The voidlance looks nice on paper, but I rather have 3xS8 ap2 from a "I can get cover saves" ravager, than those 2 S9 shots from the voidraven. The mine looks like a gimming, because afaik you can't move it if you use the boost, so how often do you move over targets with a 12" move?

    If you add rockets you are moving fast towards a 200 points pricetag, and I don't think that one is justified for a Av11 skimmer on a 5" tall fly base.

  5. Above you state:
    These should really rip up some armor. Not only that, but they can unleash their 4 missiles in a single volley. Smacking down 4 large blast templates per Bomber should bring your alot of pleasure on the tabletop.

    Are you sure a void raven can fire all 4 missiles in a single turn (if so can you reference the book/page this came from)? I thought you could only fire one, if so I have greatly been under playing it.... I am not trying to challenge you, I just want to know if I am playing it wrong...

  6. You have 4 independent missles, nowhere does it say you have a single weapon with 4 shots. An example of the latter would be the manticore in IG armies. It is a single missle system with 4 shots.

  7. Sweet... I just upped my opinion of the void raven... I dies so quickly you usually only get 1 or 2 shots off. 4 missiles on round 1 (insert evil laugh here) plus 2 str 9 weapons..... I wish I knew this sooner.


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